Every gig is different, it’s all about the people listening at the time. DJ Helmy has the unique ability to switch genres and vibes whilst staying smooth, in key and on time contributing to a variety of audiences entertained, singing along and discovering sounds. Bits of scratching here and there add to the visual asthetic and ensures crowds that skilled vinyl scratch DJs are still around.

Below are live recordings from a variety of different venues, from underground head-nodders in the city through to classic dancables for small town pubs to smooth souly jazz vibes for upmarket bars.


The Summer Steppers Mix

I hate that doof doof doof sound, hey.. Like.. I call it “dance music for white people”. It’s repetitive as hell and gets old fast. As a drummer, it’s important to me that music has something interesting in the drums.

So with summer here I thought of putting a reggae mix together to suit the season, but knowing that the majority of listeners on Australia’s East Coast are white (especially on the Sunshine Coast), I thought of putting together a reggae doof doof mix haha.. “The Steppers” is a drum groove with a constant driving kick drum typically played in roots reggae music. This mix contains a variety of steppers based tracks from artists including Damian Marley, Stephen Marley, Alborosie Official Page, Buju Banton, Gentleman, jah mason, Richie Spice & The Twinkle Brothers.

Typically, reggae DJs don’t mix tracks but rather sound a horn or use an effect during transitions. This mix is mixed, in key and recorded in one take, so it’s a little raw but hey.. I like the humanality. Enjoy